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Setting up TeamCity CI Server with Git and Unfuddle

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out exactly what settings I needed to use when setting up my TeamCity project using Git as the VCS/repository type and Unfuddle as the repository source.

I have my TeamCity server and build agent on one machine right now.  Unfuddle currently requires me to use SSH to work with so I need to setup a key and register it with an Unfuddle account.

For anyone else having troubles with this, here are the settings that I used to get it working.

Obviously, select Git as the VCS Type


The General Settings section is basically the default settings from TeamCity.  One thing to note is using the git@ forcing SSH.  Be sure to have Git installed on your TeamCity server (I installed msysgit) and have port 22 outbound opened up to connect to Unfuddle.


The Advanced Setting is what took me a while to figure out.  The things to note:

  • I needed to use a Private Key for Authentication to connect to Unfuddle.
  • Leave the user name blank
  • Create a key and put it on the server.  In my experience, you have to put a passphrase in the key.  If you leave it blank, it didn’t seem to work.


I setup polling every 5 minutes.  I’m not sure what the polling policy for Unfuddle is so you may want to change as needed.


That’s it.  Click the Test Connect button and everything should work as expected.

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