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Migrate your repository from Team Foundation Server to Git

My company is in the process of decommissioning our TFS server and migrating our source to Git. I wanted to preserve the commit history so I couldn’t just create an empty Git repository and move the files into it.  Instead I am using a few tools to keep the history.

The first is called SvnBridge.  This is an open source project that allows you to Subversion clients with TFS.  This only gets me half way however.  To finish the process and create my Git repository, I simply use the git-svn commands.

In my case, I am using the SvnBridge-Client application so I don’t have to try and get the server version installed on our TFS server.  Simply download the latest Client from CodePlex and run it.  This will start the server locally.  You will see the icon in your notification area.

You can specify the port number.


Next I enter in my Git command by simply doing:

git svn clone http://localhost:8080/<tfsserver>/<tfsproject&gt;


That’s it.  You now have a Git repository with all of the history from TFS.

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